Green roads with zero carbon footprint

Products and building solutions for the execution of rural roads, tracks and roads of great surface area, incorporating our range of ecologic cements to most of the materials existing on the tracks, which make it possible to obtain consistent roads with lower maintenance costs during their life cycle.

Our INTEC-SOIL.ROLLING product, which acts as a 100% natural, ecologic conglomerate for the stabilization of soils prone to physicochemical anomalies, improves the initial properties of the soil, allowing it to be a more cost-effective and sustainable solution for the recomposition of all types of soils.

Performance design capability exists, based on the requests demanded, adapting them to the most demanding applications of use and to meet the requirements of any range.

To achieve the construction of more competitive roads, INTEC-SOIL.ROLLING has maximized design parameters, material quality and structural engineering.


  • Modulable curing, by reaction of its own components, providing excellent short-term resistance.
  • Volumetric constancy under variable hygrometric conditions.
  • Less expansion, weak retraction and greater flexibility under certain mechanical conditions, which favors adaptation to soil deformations without causing cracks.
  • Better sealing against physical (vibrations, wind, frost-thaw cycles) and chemical (rain, acid salts, etc.) attacks.
  • Greater structural tightness thanks to the self-sealing of cracks: the mortar absorbs water, dissolving one of the integral components of the formulation, which penetrates the holes and cracks, where it consolidates and seals.
  • Ability to maintain original appearance and firmness, providing greater durability.
  • Non-invasive, non-intrusive system.
  • With eco-certification.
  • Possibility to design INTEC-SOIL.ROLLING modalities with a mechanical compression and bending behaviour superior to those obtained with conventional cement.


INTEC-SOIL.ROLLING is basically designed for the stabilization of rural, agricultural and forestry trails and roads, solar and wind power plants, parks, gardens, campsites, fairgrounds, pedestrian and bicycle lanes, equine centres and all kinds of esplanades or unpaved roads.

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