We use the most advanced techniques in the limits of the critical state in the design and the structuring of the formulated compounds for a default function.

  1. We design synthetic methodologies for the use and the generation of substances with limited or null human and environmental toxicity.

  2. Energetic needs are considered in relation to its environmental and economic impacts. Synthetic methods are conducted at room temperature and pressure.

  3. Materials of departure are renewable and non – dischargeable, in the measurement that it results technical and economical practicable.

  4. We develop analytical methodologies, which allows us the monitoring at real time during the process and the previous control to the formation of dangerous substances.

Green Chemestry

Green chemistry or sustainable chemistry consists on a chemical philosophy directed toward the design of chemical products and processes that implies the reduction or elimination of dangerous chemical products.

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New materials

We design and build materials in request to specific needs. We predict the properties that a material will have in function of its composition and the relations between the atoms that form them.

We use simulation systems to calculate the molecular structure that would have an atomic combination to deduce their own phychist properties. 

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