Surface treatment


We draw upon technology and our knowledge to innovate in the field of non-slip surface treatment, improving and expanding the limits in any physicochemical process. It is essential for our company to anticipate needs and provide the optimal response based on the specific demands and problems of each customer. Our wide range of applications is supported by an extensive network of professionals, who allow us to offer the most suitable solution in each case. We create systems that deliver innovative and responsible results for a sustainable development. Our Engineering Department optimizes results and minimizes consumption in the field of slip-resistant treatments.


Among other applications, we have:

  1. Anti-graffiti protection: permanent protection against the effects of graffiti. Our anti-graffiti treatment does not alter the physical and chemical properties of the support and allows for graffiti to be removed.
  2. Non-stick / anti-stain: protection applicable on any type of substrate to prevent infiltration of all kinds of impurities.
  3. Non-slip treatments: modification of the physical structure of the support at external level to provide it with non-slip properties.
  4. Anti-thermal treatment: caloric infiltration caused by the refractive phenomenon is avoided.
  5. Nanotechnology: other nanotechnology-based surface treatment products.

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