Water-saving product composed of superabsorbent hydrogels to retain moisture in floors



- Optimal plant growth and efficient water use
- Availability of water and nutrients in the root area
- Increased survival rate of plants/trees
- Cost savings (lower irrigation/lower replenishment)
- Extension of sowing/planting season
- Better nutrient efficiency, saving on fertilizers
- Lower irrigation frequency
- Significantly lower volume of water
- Increased production of fresh and dry matter
- No toxic effects, inert product


LANDSCAPING AND GARDENING: to prepare substrates in seeds and pots, add 1 g/l in gel state. HORTICULTURE: weigh at a rate of 50 g/m², hydrate for 1 hour and incorporate the product to a depth of at least 10 cm. In the case of crops with deep roots, it must be introduced up to 30 cm deep using 150 g/m² of product, obviously hydrated. FRUIT TREES: between 50 and 100 g of product. Hydrate it with 10 litres of water for 1 hour and mix with the soil that is incorporated into the hole or well, which must displace approximately 100 litres of earth.
VINEYARD: apply 25 g after hydrating for each vine and incorporate them into the soil at a depth of 10 to 20 cm, without approaching the neck of the plant. TURF FOR LAYING: mix 25-50 g/m² with the peat placed at a depth of 10 cm. EXISTING TURF: use a harrow and distribute in furrows at a rate of 100 g/m². MIX OF SUBSTRATES: we suggest 2 to 3 kg/m². HYDROSEEDING: the most suitable dose ranges from 1 to 2 kg/m².


Although INTEC-H2O.ABSORB can be applied directly to the soil and then irrigated, we suggest prior hydration, thus achieving distribution in optimal conditions. To do this, weigh about 10 g of INTEC-H2O.ABSORB per litre of water and wait approximately 1 hour for it to hydrate. It can then be incorporated into the soil on which it is intended to be used.